1 IN 4 OUT Duplicate HD video inputs into multiple HD video outputs

by ScatterBox
Duplicate HD video inputs into multiple HD video outputs!
Compatible with analogue, AHD,TVI & CVI
Quad Technology
1 Inputs / 4 Outputs
HD 1080P Compatible
12V DC PSU Supplied
BNC Connections
Desk Mount
Long Cable Runs

No need to worry about compatibility issues or future upgrades! The Scatterbox range of Video Distributors feature Quad technology for compatibility with HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and standard analogue!

The DIST0104 desk mounted video distributor is capable of duplicating 1 video input signal to 4 outputs.

Video distributors take video inputs and duplicate them for multiple outputs allowing them to be driven to additional equipment such as extra monitors and quads, or for running extra video signals around a building.

They are popular in commercial and retail installs where a variety of viewing screen combinations are required.

These distributors are great for long cable runs as they can send each signal over 200M without interference.

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