HDMI Mule HDMI Down CAT5 1080P - TX & RX Units

by Mule
Send HDMI signals over a LAN even through switches!
1 TX Can Transmit to Multiple RXs.
Compact Wall Mountable Units
Preconfigured for Most Networks
Minimal Set-up Required
IR Control Over Remote Equipment
Low Voltage 5V DC (PSU Supplied)

Sometimes it’s convenient to locate your DVR or NVR in one part of a building but you want the monitor in a different location or even multiple monitors in multiple locations. As modern CCTV equipment uses HDMI outputs to drive monitors you need a solution that can send the HDMI signals to different locations. As most buildings have a CAT5/6 network you can piggy back on this and distribute the HDMI over the network using our HDMI mules

You need a pair of mules one being the Transmitter (TX) device one being the receiver (RX). It’s possible also to use one Transmitter to send the signal over the network to multiple Receivers so you can view the HDMI output in multiple locations.

The mules send HDMI data in one direction and IR control signals in the other direction so you can watch and control your DVR/NVR from remote locations over a network.

Tip: You can buy HDMI over CAT5 boxes that are simply "Baluns" these basic devices will not allow you to send HDMI over a LAN or LAN switches. If you want the full flexibility of HDMI over a true network use a mule!

Receiver units and transmitter units are available indivdually. (Code: HDMI180, HDMI190)

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