Single CAT5 Balun With Power, Data & Audio - Transmit 200m Down one RJ45 Cable

by CCTV Suppliers UK
  • Pigtail BNC Connection
  • Send DC Or AC Power
  • Transmit RS485 Data
  • Use with Analogue or HD-TVI, CVI, AHD
  • RJ45 Socket
  • Up To 200m Range
  • Transmit Audio
  • 2.1mm DC Connections

Baluns contain small signal transformers that are specially tuned to match the cables impedance and convert the unbalanced signal to a balanced one in fact PASSIVE baluns just have the transformers and very little else in them.

On some PASSIVE baluns that carry video and data signals, the data “terminals” do not go through a transformer or any other electronics and are a direct electrical connection to the CAT5 cable. These
“terminals” can be useful for lots of purposes including sending low voltage (5 or 12V) from one balun to another.

The new ZENDit range of baluns have built in QUAD technology that make them compatible with both analogue and HD (TVI, CVI & AHD) video signals.

The BAL810 pairs feature a a pigtail lead for connections. One with a  BNC plug & DC plug for connection to a camera and an RJ45 socket for a plug in connection to CAT5, the other with a BNC plug and DC socket for connection to a DVR and PSU.

You can send power up to a 100m at maximum current of 100mA as well as the video with this balun pair simply connect one balun to the camera's video and power and the other to a DVR and PSU.

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